There are a lot of things you can do in Wholesome PVP. Instead of going through the help files looking for the command you need, we've made a list of the popular ones you are probably looking for.

Command Description Groups
/spawn Brings you back to spawn All
/sethome Creates a "home" spot for your character Member
/home Brings you to your "home" All
/home bed Brings you to your bed All
/sethome NAME Create an additional "home" location with your specified name Member
/delhome NAME Delete a home Member
/tp PLAYER OTHERPLAYER Teleports you to another player All
/tpaccept Accepts a teleport request All
/tpdeny Denies a teleport request All
/tphere PLAYER Request a player to teleport to you All
/tpa PLAYER Request to teleport to another player All
/tppos ## ## ## Allows you to teleport to specified coordinates Diamond
/cprivate Creates private protection Member
/cpassword PASSWORD Creates password protection Member
/cpublic Creates a public protection Member
/cremove Allows you to remove a protection you own - you must click on the protection after using /cremove in order to remove it. Member
/lock Locks a chest, furnace, funnel, etc. All
/mail Send, read, clear mail Member
/ding enable Turn on chat sounds All
/ding disable Turn off chat sounds All
/dynmap hide Hide yourself from the live map All
/dynmap show Show yourself on the live map All
/ontime Displays the time you've been playing All
//wand Created a wooden axe "wand" for setting borders Member
/region claim NAME PLAYER Claim a region, give it a name, and add players that are the owners. Can also use /rg Member
/region delete NAME world Delete a region Member
/region redefine NAME Redefine your region Member
/region select NAME Select your region Member
/region addowner NAME Add an owner to your region Member
/region removeowner NAME Remove an owner from your region Member
/region addmember NAME Add a member to your region Member
/region removemember NAME Remove a member from your region Member
/nick Change your nickname Silver
/back Teleports you back to the last position Gold
/fly Allows you to fly Diamond
/repair Allows you to repair Diamond
/spawner Allows you to change a spawner Diamond
/ext Allows you to extinguish yourself Diamond
/togglepvp Allows you to turn off or on PvP All





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