We've put together a list of FAQs for your enjoyment. If you can't find your question here, feel free to contact us in game or on this site.

Can I blast obsidian?


Can I capture spawners, like ones found in caves?

Not at this time, perhaps in the future.

What do the different member types mean?

Visitors are new members who haven't played very long on the server.

Members are players that play here regularly.

VIP members are players who have donated.

Mods are our moderators who help make this place fun.

Admins are like Mods, but have some extra power.

The Boss is well, the boss, the owner, the head cheese.

Someone griefed my land in PVE world, what do I do?

Submit a ticket using /modreq.

Someone stole my stuff in PVE world, what do I do?

Submit a ticket using /modreq.

I was banned from the server and I don't know why!

Submit a comment under the Appeals topic on our forum and we will look in to it.

Why isn't there a live map for PVP world?

Because that's cheating.

Where can I find a live map of PVE world?

Click the Live Map navigation button above, or visit the live map here.

Question not answered here? Contact us in game or through the forum.

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